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Zune services expand outside the US in anticipation of Windows Phone 7

Zune services expand outside the US in anticipation of Windows Phone 7

Yesterday microsoft announced that in the coming weeks the services of Zune They will no longer be possible only in the United States to open up to several European countries, Mexico, Canada and Australia. You can buy music, videos and rent movies through the Zune Marketplaceeven though the prices and availability of each service will vary according to the country.

This expansion is part of the preparation for the arrival of Windows Phone 7 devices, since then its next update, Zune will act as your sync clientas well as its content can be synchronized on multiple PCs and Xbox Live, just by accessing your account on the service, faithful to Microsoft’s “three screens” strategy, which wants you to be able to consume music and video from the little screen of the mobile, that of the computer, or that of your television connected to the console.

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ZunePass, the music subscription service will be available in Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, and for 9.99 euros You will be able to access unlimited music streaming per month (yes, you will not be able to keep 10 songs locally as you can in the United States). All of them will also be able to buy music, and Germany is added.

As for movies, in the countries mentioned, as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, you can buy movies, while in addition to the above, also Austria, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Mexico, will be able to rent films to watch for a limited time.

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Let’s see how Microsoft fares in the entertainment market outside its country, for what they say they have a fairly extensive catalog of music (about 8 million songs) and video. According Scott Rowe, company spokesperson, acknowledge that there is a lot of competition out there, but consider that “what we offer here is the best of both worlds”, referring to . I, as is customary in my country, will have to wait a long time to test how their services are. What do you think of the idea of ​​having Zune as an alternative to buy, listen or watch content on your PCs or Xboxes?