ZTE and Orange together for the development of 5G


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  • Orange and ZTE on 5G

At the Global 5G Event and European Networks and Communications Conference, ZTE And Orangedemonstrated the most innovative applications of 5G.

Test and use

The first try, #Connected VehicleCampus5Gshows technology-based remote driving app 5G. In the test, for which ZTE collaborated with Orange and the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), several high-definition cameras are installed in a vehicle to obtain a series of images of what surrounds the car. Everything is sent via the Orange 5G network to the remote driver in real time. The 5G network provides ultra-low latency, necessary for the driver to effectively control the vehicle at all times.

On the second try, #5GRobotControl, ZTE and Orange are demoing a 5G application for Industry 4.0. Thanks to 5G, in fact, it is possible to manage industrial robots remotely. In this case, the movements of the arm that controls the robot are recorded by a camera. These movements are recognized, interpreted and transformed into commands which are immediately sent to the robot via the Orange 5G network. Everything is reproduced by the robot in real time and without delay thanks to 5G.

The third project is an innovative experience powered by ZTE and Orange: #3DHolograms. Visitors are surprised by a holographic call with real-time voice and image transmission.

On the fourth try, #5GNews, Orange, ZTE and RTVE, as well as UPV, broadcast news in real time using an HD camera connected to 5G. The content is sent over the Internet by the Valencia Conference Center to the RTVE regional news agencies in Toledo and Valencia.

ZTE opens new doors to 5G | CMM 2019

Extended Reality

Finally, #ExperienceLasFallas5G uses 5G to enhance extended reality (virtual/augmented reality). You can view 4K 360 streaming on VR device only using 5G network.

Additionally, an authentic 360-degree immersive experience of the Fallas has been created. The famous Spanish festival recorded for the occasion in 8K by Visyon and Prensa Iberica.

Orange and ZTE on 5G

These demonstrations make Orange a pioneer of 5G technology in Spain. The company is testing a network Standalone 5G which will accelerate digital transformation. The mobile network operator will help achieve the long-awaited high speed and extremely low latency offered by the new technology, which will support millions of 5G-ready connected devices.

For the launch of 5G Orange partnered with ZTEextend the applications of the new technology to various sectors and companies. Last year, Orange became the first operator of Mobile telephony band 3.4-3.8 GHz in Spainthe only one at 100 MHz, with a total investment of 152 million euros.

For its part, ZTE has been involved in the development of 5G for years. With the contribution of connectivity and mobile device experts, ZTE has consolidated its leadership in three areas. THE development of 5G networksto use commercial of this new and disruptive technology and the creating economies of scale.

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