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Zerocalcare manages Netflix social networks for 12 hours

Zerocalcare manages Netflix social networks for 12 hours

To celebrate the smash hit of his animated series Tear off along the edges, Netflix invited Zerocalcare to manage the social account of the streaming platform for 12 hours. Not only to “give you another head like this with my series” but also to “point out a few things that I liked and that maybe someone hasn’t seen.”

Zerocalcare manages Netflix’s social channels for 12 hours

Comic book lovers have known the name of Zerocalcare for about ten years now. The Roman author is writing (and illustrating) an important (but not at all emo) page of the history of Italian comics. Netflix also noticed it, which saw the animated series written and starring Zerocalcare fly to the top of the charts for streaming.

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So Netflix decided to call the Roman artist to tell him: “I’ll let you use our social networks for 12 hours and do whatever you want with it.” And the effects can already be seen, with the Netflix icon on Instagram becoming a eye of Sauron that controls than Zerocalcare you do not use accounts to give mountains of dry ice cream as gifts.

In fact, Zerocalcare is keen to explain that “NO, it’s not true that I can do what I want with it – it’s a fraudulent saying so don’t ask me to use this account to congratulate aunt or promote private vendettas because they do it to me ”. But he intends to promote some instead things they liked about the platform. Maybe by helping some other artist who didn’t immediately climb the charts like he did.

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“If you can’t hold me anymore, just think that these are the last strokes of the tail of this gigantic mosasaur that is the promotion of this series, then it passes.” she reassures us. But if you are a fan like us, take the opportunity to follow Netflix on all possible social networks. On Instagram, Zero has already posted the first two photos and posted a story. THEInviting fans to ask questions and request drawings to be shown in the Stories.

And if you haven’t seen the series yet, run right away to retrieve it, it’s really worth it. We already leave you a link below for the first volume of Zerocalcare to be recovered. We know you’ll need it when you finish binge watching the series.