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Zalando launches the Second Hand service in Italy

Zalando launches the Second Hand service in Italy

Zalando announces the launch in Italy of the Second Hand service. With the aim of responding to the needs of consumers in terms of sustainability, Zalando also introduces the category of second-hand garments for Italian users. In this way, it will be possible buy or sell second-hand items taking advantage of the convenience offered by the company regarding shipping, payment options and free returns.

The service dedicated to Zalando second-hand garments arrives in Italy

Italians are at the forefront of the demand for second-hand garments. Confirmation comes from exclusive report “It Takes Two: How the Industry and Consumers Can Close the Sustainability ‘Attitude-Behavior Gap’ in Fashion”. With Second Hand, Zalando will allow its users to sell and buy second-hand products.

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In the event of a sale, store users will be able to choose whether to receive a Good purchaseto make other purchases on Zalando, or if make a donation to one of the partners involved (Red Cross and WeForest). It should be noted that all second-hand garments will be subjected to a quality control and cataloged in a vast assortment that is constantly updated.

Note that all orders relating to the Second Hand category will use recycled paper for packagingcompletely abandoning the plastic.

The company comment

Riccardo Vola, Director of Southern Europe at Zalando, underlines: “The fashion industry must earn the trust of consumers and be an example for them through simple and effective communication, motivating a change in behavior. Our role as a platform is to enable ourselves, our brands and our customers to make more sustainable choices, scale the circularity and offer solutions to close the loop ”.