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Your camera deserves some convenience

Your camera deserves some convenience

You are looking for a new one photographic backpack? A bag that allows you to carry around your equipment with elegance, but above all comfort, with all the accessories at hand? Well, new proposals arrive from Lowepro, part of their offer ProTactic. A backpack, a messenger bag and two versions of toploader that will meet the tastes of all photography enthusiasts.

The photographic backpack you were looking for

Let’s start from ProTactic BP 300 AW II. This photographic backpack offers triple access to have not only the camera body, but the various lenses within easy reach. Inside there is a system of dividers that are easy to remove and rearrange, with a clear division in the middle for equipment and personal effects. There is also a CradleFit pocket to carry your own laptop insecurity. There is also a rigid backrest to offer greater comfort when traveling.

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For those who prefer a different style, the messenger bag is available ProTactic MG 160 AW II. Comfortable to wear thanks to the practical adjustable shoulder strap, with removable stability strap. Also in this case there are various systems designed to allow a practical organization of the spaces and contents of the bag. Access is superior with the presence of a printed protective flap.

Among the new entries there are also the two toploaders ProTactic TLZ 75 AW II And ProTactic TLZ 70 AW II. The difference is mainly in size, with the former suitable for a 70-200 lens camera, while the latter for 24-70 lenses. For both there are many different modes transport and above all a particular attention to protection. The coverage will defend our camera from rain, dust and sand.

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In short, for those looking for one photographic backpack the possibilities are certainly not lacking. Have you already chosen which one you like best?