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You will support the next English test with Amazon Alexa

You will support the next English test with Amazon Alexa

The online English school ABA English collaborated with the Auto-Id Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the development of an English “2.0” test, which will allow the student to interact orally with Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon. The latter will simulate conversations with which users can improve their language skills, practicing through listening and speaking sessions.

ABA English and MIT for the cutting-edge English test

Artificial intelligence is finding more and more applications in the field of education, where it is literally revolutionizing – for example – learning English online, making available the very useful features of virtual assistants.

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In the case discussed here we are talking about the brilliant work of the team of developers of the MIT Auto-Id Lab and of the linguists of the ABA English Language Lab, who have thus created an innovative English test and, above all, accessible to all. English Test it can therefore be downloaded for free from the Amazon store and is compatible with Alexa Echo Show, the most advanced assistant in the Echo range – where we also find Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Look.

L’English Test it adapts to the level detected in the user and is therefore designed to also collect information about the person’s profile, such as interests and reasons for learning the English language. The whole purpose is to offer a completely personalized learning experience: every time the user answers a question in the profile, he will enter a new path with level questions that suit his preferences.

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To start the test just contact Alexa, by saying a simple English sentence: “Alexa, start English Test”. After a brief introduction in which the main instructions will be explained to us, we will access a series of multiple choice tests: in the first sentence we will only have to indicate the letter that corresponds to the correct answer, while in the next phase we will have to repeat the sentence or the complete answer .

At the end of the test Alexa will communicate the level of English that corresponds to the student. The ABA English course is based on the six levels – from A1 to C1 – of the Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages ​​(CEFR).

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You can download it for free English Test for Amazon Alexa by clicking here.