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  • LEGO Super Mario: the deal with Nintendo
  • Modifiable and expandable, like a good LEGO set
  • Pricing and availability

Today LEGO Group announced the opening of pre-orders for the Mario Adventures – LEGO Super Mario Starter Pack. Enthusiasts will be able to secure their own box set of this highly anticipated new range, the result of a unique partnership with Nintendo.

LEGO Super Mario: the deal with Nintendo

The LEGO Super Mario set was announced a few days ago. This is neither a video game nor a traditional brick game: Mario will interact with the real world in a completely revolutionary way, allowing you to enjoy new LEGO experiences.

Fans can start exploring the world of LEGO Super Mario with Mario Adventures – Starter Pack, revealed for the first time today by the LEGO Design Manager Jonathan Bennink. This first set in the world of LEGO Super Mario is essential to be able to unlock the following levels. In addition, it contains seven interactive bricks essential for interacting with the LEGO Mario e character featured exclusively in this set.

The adorable LEGO character that Mario has LCD screens integrated into eyes, mouth and chest, capable of showing a wide variety of instantaneous reactions to the movement, colors and actions of the bricks. Also included is a speaker to reproduce the iconic sound effects and music from the video game series.

“Super Mario has always been adapted to the different hardware of the moment,” he said. Takashi Tezuka, general manager and game producer of Nintendo Co., Ltd. “I am happy that in this project with the LEGO Group, Mario leaves the digital world of consoles and smart devices, to become part of the real world with a new game entirely dedicated to him. It is exciting to think that LEGO Mario can become a true friend of children, ready to play with the settings of the Mario world created by them. “

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Modifiable and expandable, like a good LEGO set

THE children aged six and over They can build levels and play freely, with action-packed challenges and tons of creative fun in a highly interactive experience. The LEGO character that Mario collects virtual coinsas he runs and jumps from the starting tube to the final flag, breaking out of LEGO bricks, cloud platforms and fight against Goomba and the bad Junior Bowser.

The Starter Pack can be combined with the i LEGO Super Mario Expansion Packeach of them allows you to unlock unique challenges and characters to play with or against friends. The first expansion packs, revealed today, include the Piranha Plant Slide – Extension Pack and the Final Battle at Bowser's Castle – Expansion Pack. All products include modular builds, so enthusiasts have complete freedom to build the LEGO path they want Mario to follow.

Fans won't be able to do without itfree LEGO Super Mario app published by the LEGO Group, a medium to enhance the physical play experience. This application keeps track of scores encourage the continuation of reconstruction, provides digital instructions with zoom and rotation for easier building, suggests other creative ways to build and play, offers a forum sure to share ideas with friends. Here is a short presentation video:

Pricing and availability

The entire LEGO Super Mario range will be launched on August 1, 2020but fans will be able to pre-order Adventures of Mario – Starter Pack via this link and at all retailers worldwide.

The price of the starter pack is €59.99the two expansion packs cost respectively €29.99 (Piranha Plant Slide) e €104.99 (Final Battle at Bowser's Castle)

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“We were delighted with the global reaction to the announcement of the new LEGO Super Mario,” he said. Jonathan Bennink, LEGO Super Mario Digital Design Lead, LEGO Group. “Fans want even more information, so I'm thrilled that today we were able to reveal more details regarding this wonderful new collaboration, which has led to a reinvention of the LEGO building experience and an entirely new way to play inspired by the beloved video game icon, the very friendly Mario. We can't wait to see fans in action, as they compete in this highly addictive gaming experience. “