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You can now control Apple Music on Sonos with Alexa

You can now control Apple Music on Sonos with Alexa

We talk a lot about the new streaming video services, but we cannot forget the boom that the arrival of smart speakers. Some speakers that have been with us for quite some time but that are having a boom thanks to the arrival of the Amazon Echo.

Today we bring you great news for all of you who have Sonos speakers and are Apple Music subscribers. the boys from Sonos just activated Alexa for Apple Music, a movement very similar to what the Amazon guys have done in their Amazon Echo. After the jump we tell you how is this arrival of Alexa for Apple Music in Sonos…

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First of all, put a but… only available in the United StatesAt the moment, something that happens due to the limitation that Amazon has placed with Apple Music for Alexa (which is only available in the same way in the United States) although surely the plans are to launch Apple Music for Alexa worldwide. An arrival, that of controlling Apple Music with the Alexa assistant, which will come in handy so that we only have to ask the Alexa of the Sonos for music.

To be able to activate Apple Music on the Alexa of the Sonos, you will only have to update the Sonos app and activate the Apple Music skill in the Alexa app if you still do not have it activated (remember that it can only be activated in the United States). Alexa for Sonos is available on the One and Beam range of legendary Sonos wireless speakers. So now you know, if you are lucky enough to be in the United States, be Apple Music subscribers, and have a Sonos at home, run to update the Sonos app and start asking Alexa to play your favorite Apple Music playlists.