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Yocabè’s idea: a map of online stores around the world

Yocabè’s idea: a map of online stores around the world

Yocabè is an Italian startup that has created a map of the best marketplaces. The aim is to have a picture of what and how to buy in the world of online shopping

The map of the Italian startup Yocabè provides us with an overall picture of online shopping in the world

Vito Perrone And Lorenzo Ciglioni are two entrepreneurs and founders of Yocabè. The latter is one Italian startup which helps big brands sell on various marketplaces. We are talking about platforms such as Zalando, Amazon and eBay, analyzing the flows of users who move on them. The latest innovation of the startup is to create a virtual map of online shopping globally. Thanks to it we are able to understand the regions in which it sells the most, what it sells and on which sites.

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In Italy, for example, online shopping is a phenomenon that affects 79.8% of the population. Of these, 36% buy clothing or footwear and another 36% purchase smart home devices or appliances. In third place we find books and articles for construction (23%). The most used platforms for purchases are, predictably, Amazon and eBay, but Zalando also does well, finishing in third place. The latter brand, again thanks to the data from Yocabè, in 2021 saw a growth of 60% compared to 2020. Outside the podium we find AliExpress, while the placement of Manomano, a marketplace dedicated to art and crafts, amazes.

Although in France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom the picture of the situation is roughly similar to the Italian one, it is enough to move a little to discover new trends. Such as in Holland, where the most used site is Bol.com, an indigenous marketplace that owes its success to extensive catalogs, low prices and fast shipping. If we move further north, in Scandinavian countries, we discover that Blocket is able to hold its own even with Amazon. The site generates over 26 million visits every month, of which 91.46% from Sweden alone.

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L’Eastern Europe instead it is dotted with local platforms. These include Allegro, which generates around 16 million users. Yocabè also lets us discover Olx, a generalist marketplace with over 122 million visits from Poland and another 54 million from Bulgaria. In RussiaInstead, Wildberries dominates the market, with over 183 million hits per month.

It goes without saying that the China plays an important role in this map of the Italian startup: Alibaba has over 500 million registered users. The Chinese giant is among the 20 most visited sites in the world, and dominates the market in the motherland. Not bad also for Kaola, which hosts many Western luxury brand products. Interesting the situation in Japan: Amazon is widely used, but only for foreign products. The Japanese mainly shop online with Rakuten, which in addition to selling, also provides financial and streaming services. Moving virtually on the map of Yocabè we go in South Korea. Here we find Coupang, with around 70 million monthly visits. It is a platform that focuses entirely on shipments: according to Yocabè data, Coupang ships even faster than Amazon’s Prime service.

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In India purchases are made mainly on Flipkart. The latter was born as a local reality, except that it was incorporated by Walmart in 2018. The Indian marketplace has 80 million products with 75 million registered accounts, for what is a very successful generalist platform. If we move in Middle East we discover Hepsiburada and find AliExpress. The former is especially popular in Turkey, while the second has about 50 million monthly visits. In this region, Amazon has to settle for the bottom step of the podium, with only 30 million monthly visits.

Hot, dancing music and the smell of hot food: we’re in Latin America, where almost 50% of the population buys online on MercadoLibre. It is a platform that, according to the startup’s data, is characterized by over 280 million visits every month. If instead we go in Australia, land of kangaroos and Airport Security, the most used marketplace is eBay. Yocabè announces that the site records over 63 million visits per month, while in second place is Amazon. Not bad also Kmart, a generalist platform particularly appreciated in the country.