Yes: an iPhone 7 case appears, this one without a ring for the camera

As we have already said on different occasions, approximately two months before the official presentation of the iPhone 7, many components of Apple's next smartphone will appear. Many of these components will be fake, (probably) like the case that appeared on a Dutch website, others will make us doubt, like the camera modules that a Foxconn employee allegedly leaked, and others will make us believe that they are real, like the last one iphone 7 case who leaked OnLeaks.

A few minutes ago, the Frenchman, who for many (including myself) is the best leaker that currently exists, published the image you have below these lines. Although one might think that it looks very similar to the image published on the aforementioned Dutch site, several things must be taken into account: the first is the quality of the image published by OnLeaks. On the other hand, the following image looks a lot like what we would see if we had an iPhone 6/6s in front of us and, if there are no major surprises, the iPhone 7 will be almost traced to the iPhone which was presented in 2015.

Is this a real iPhone 7 case?

As I said in the post about the case leaked by the Dutch website, the lines for antennasIt appears only on the top and bottom edges, they do not have a vertex at the corner where the curves meet, as you would expect from an « Apple design ». Finally, and this would confirm the diagrams and renderings published in recent months, this the housing is deformed outward into the camera holewhich would also confirm that there would be no ringing.

iPhone 7 Plus concept with dual speakers and USB-C

In my opinion, this is a real gold iPhone 7 case. It seems a shame that the camera deformation/protection is not less exaggerated and more similar to what we see in the concept of the header image, but I'm glad that remove the ring from the iPhone 6/6s, for me the worst of the design of the previous model. For better or worse, it seems that the designs of Apple's next smartphones are confirmed. Will other rumors about its specs be confirmed as well?

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