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Yes, Amazon confirms that it saves your conversations with Alexa

Yes, Amazon confirms that it saves your conversations with Alexa

And it is that we are all clear or at least we should be clear that when we put a smart speaker with its assistant it is possible that the conversations that we carry out with the device remain on servers of the assistant’s company. Although it is true that at Apple this is something that does not happen, it does happen with other devices and Amazon officially confirms that it stores your conversations.

This was said a few days ago by Amazon’s own Vice President of Public Policy, Brian Huseman, in a letter to a United States Senator. This should not be something that surprises us, it seems that a good handful of users put the “saint in heaven” and began to complain and attack the company. Today we will teach you how to delete these conversations that are recorded from our iOS device, although it is true that the company does not guarantee the total deletion of this information that it sends to the companies responsible for any of the many “skills” that we use with the assistant…

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But is it true that Amazon listens to us?

Well yes and also record some of the conversations we have with Alexa. And it shouldn’t surprise us, as we say, that we are heard when we are talking to one of these smart speakers, but of course, not everyone confirms these recordings and the use of this data for advertising purposes, among other things…

In the case of Amazon, one of the most popular claims is that it uses employees to listen to voice commands from users and transcribe them manually, improving the system according to them. They further explain that:We keep the voice recordings and their transcripts until the user decides to delete them.«. This can be done, but it is true that Amazon could even store the recordings indefinitely with the excuse of improving performance.

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Ok, and how can I file the recordings they make in Alexa?

Now we are going to show you how we can delete these conversations and recordings with Alexa. Well, this is a bit of a pain to put it in some way since we have to eliminate one by one the commands that we have told Alexa at some point, in this case we can also eliminate the recordings more directly than the actions themselves as well You can, but it is also a somewhat tedious method since it requires the elimination of one by one as well.

In this case, what we have to do is access the app from our iOS device and click on the speech bubble on the upper left to display the configuration actions and others. We open the option «Activity” and in it we will see everything that we have asked the assistant, now we simply click on “More” and then on “Delete entry” with this one by one.

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In the case of wanting to directly delete the recordings beyond the actions we have to go directly to the option Settings > Alexa Account > History and click on any of the recordings.

Now what we have to press is the same as before in “Delete entry” and that’s it. Remember that this does not delete all the recordings that Amazon might store on its servers, but it is something if you want to be on the case of your privacy with Amazon. This is a half remedy since they already tell us directly that there are recordings that are not deleted despite carrying out these steps on our devices, although it is true that we will have a little more privacy if we eliminate these conversations.

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In my case, the truth is that I am not very concerned about this for various reasons, but each one of us is different and it may bother you that Amazon keeps your recordings or data, something that makes me think that the best in your If you leave these assistants aside and don’t use them because that’s precisely what they are based on, collecting all kinds of information and then doing what they want with it. Are you going to delete your conversations with Alexa? Are you concerned about your privacy? Leave us your comments about it.