Yahoo! Google “Hits” in new ad

On more than one occasion we have seen advertising campaigns in which the resource of directly attacking the competition is used, for example Apple and Microsoft have been trading « publicity stunts » for some time. Well, now others have jumped on this bandwagon, those at Yahoo!.

In the last hours they presented the first advertisement of their new advertising campaign “It’s you!” », which is a continuation of another launched by the company last year, with which they intend to improve their image and attract users. In this first ad Yahoo! compares its philosophy to that of Google (even if they do not name them directly) and the message they convey is that a cover like that of Google, « white and boring », invites you to leave it, while that of Yahoo!, full of things, opens the doors to an entire ecosystem from which we will never want to leave.

The truth is that I like the ad, it makes the message very clear, but I think it will be of little use. The place as I say is good, but it's not the samewith which on the one hand tomorrow even God will not remember him and also one of the big problems that Yahoo! a for me it is once again clear: although they try, they are not good at innovating, in the end they are never right

On the other hand, as much as Yahoo! push globally Google's philosophy works better than theirs, and that's the real problem. Yahoo! In his time, he opted for a way of doing things, a line that they have always followed (now they no longer have another), which simply and generally, does not convince users as much as the strategy which Google follows.

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I do not dare to say whether the situation of Yahoo! has a way out, they have done everything but they cannot stop the fall. What I am sure of is that he from Yahoo! with marketing it is not resolved. Last year they already spent 100 million dollars on advertising and it was useless, they failed to increase visits or improve their position in the search engine market, so I am very afraid let this time the same thing happen.

Finally, point out that I am the first to want to see Yahoo! get out of the well This would result in increased competition, which ultimately benefits users. This sector would be much more interesting if its three main protagonists (Yahoo!, Bing and Google) were more equal.

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