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Xsolla’s proposal to enhance video game developers

Xsolla’s proposal to enhance video game developers

The Russian company Xsolla, in response to the legal battle between Epic and Apple, presents a new solution to help developers of mobile and PC games to earn more and reach players around the world.

Xsolla allows game developers to earn more income

Today we present Xsolla, a Russian company specializing in solutions for the video game trade. It is a reality that helps developers and publishers to market, sell, connect and optimize their games on a global scale. The company has indeed recently presented Xsolla Web Shop. It is a virtual store which, in effect, allows the developers themselves to increase your turnover by up to 40% more. The showcase is also useful for bringing your videogame creations to potential buyers all over the world, even reaching geographic areas not available until recently.

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The new Web Shop comes in a period of strong controversy on the issue of compensation and developer rights. Just think of the App Store fuss and other payment issues. This solution solves many of the challenges facing creators, such as visibility, falling profit margins, lack of control over the user experience, access to localized payment methods, cross-game marketing, more efficient user acquisition, effective collaboration with creators, influencers and much more.

«Xsolla anticipated the abrupt change of this year – he affirms Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla – when we launched various products, actively used by some of the largest video game companies, to increase profits and build close ties with their players on mobile and PC.We have now combined these products and knowledge into an elegant new solution, called Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Game “.

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The three events that are disrupting the video game industry

The willingness of Xsolla to be the new protagonist, on the side of the developers, is due to the recent changes in the market. In particular, there are three events that stand upsetting the videogame world:

  1. The Epic decision against Apple that allows developers on the App Store to direct users to other payment systems. This system effectively bypasses the 30% stake Apple takes from in-app payments.
  2. Apple has announced its willingness to allow the use of alternative payment methods outside the App Store.
  3. South Korea has passed the first law in the world that Apple and Google will have to open their platforms to alternative payment systems.

How does Xsolla intend to position itself on the market?

With a robust and powerful set of tools and services, Xsolla has been helping game developers and publishers globally launch, sell, connect and optimize their games for more than 16 years. All by carefully studying the currents of the industry to put its partners in the right position for continuous success.

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In 2020, digital and mobile wallets represented roughly 45% of payment transactions in global e-commerce. Data that makes the digital wallet the preferred payment method all over the world. It is estimated that in 2025 this number will rise to more than 60%. Consumers are more likely to pay with mobile wallets in countries where credit cards are not the primary payment method. By implementing the Xsolla Web Shop solution, developers have instant access to more than 700 payment methods, including the most popular in Southeast Asia.

«With the Xsolla Web Shop – says Anton Zelenin, head of game commerce at Xsolla – we help developers to think and distribute their games on various platforms, to expand their business into new markets and grow their audience. The opportunities are now even greater and we have seen incredible success stories from partners who have integrated this solution ».

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How can Xsolla Web Shop really help publishers and developers?

The services that Xsolla makes available to its users are extremely varied. Here is a list of how the brand can, in practice, enhance developers and publishers.