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Xbox Series X | S: The team wants to improve the gameplay capture function

Xbox Series X | S: The team wants to improve the gameplay capture function

Although both next-generation consoles at home Microsoft I’m able to record video clips and screenshot captures, their Game DVR functionality isn’t exactly cutting edge, as fans are well aware. Recently Jason RonaldXbox Director of Program Management, acknowledged the problem by specifying that the team will work to improve the gameplay capture feature on Xbox Series X | S in 2022.

Xbox Series X | S: The team is hard at work on the gameplay capture feature

Ronald, interviewed on the occasion of the Iron Lord podcast, explained that gameplay capture on the Xbox Series X | S is an area where the team has not been able to make as much progress as the director would have liked, and it is one of the priorities that Microsoft’s developers will be working on in the near future. In this regard, the director explained that the support and feedback from fans will be essential for the success of the function.

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During the interview, Ronald was also asked if Xbox will ever introduce a system similar to that of the trophies from PlayStation and his response was unexpected. The manager in fact specified that on this issue there is always a great interest from the community and that it is, in his opinion, a very interesting topic, since it allows players to enjoy video games in a different way.

It therefore seems that something is boiling in the pot from this point of view as well, given that Ronald explained that he and the other developers are evaluating various ways in which to insert the objectives in the Xbox ecosystem. In fact, the director spoke of how one of the biggest problems they are facing concerns how to balance the game objectives, adapting them to a multiplayer or story driven context depending on the single product.

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In short, the 2022 it could be a year of big news for Xbox, we just have to wait for the next few months to find out more.