Xbox Scarlett: features and price of the console 4 times more powerful than a One


  • Xbox Scarlett Features
  • Project Scarlett and cloud gaming
  • Project Scarlett will be fully backwards compatible
  • Xbox Scarlett price and release date

Xbox Scarlett it's now official. Yesterday during the usual annual biefing organized before the opening of theE3 in Los AngelesXbox announced the first features of Xbox Project Scarlettthe next generation console which will have to fight head to head with the Playstation 5 and which will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.

Xbox Scarlett Features

Microsoft has already done this “game”: anticipate the competition by revealing the characteristics of the new console – code name Project Scarlett – without revealing the design. He already did it with Project Scorpio (Xbox One X). A dance of anticipation to beat the competition. But what are some of the technical features revealed to date?

  • AMD Zen 2 processor with AMD Navi GPU (specially developed for this console)
  • GDDR6 RAM;
  • Technological assistance Laser trace;
  • Unit of Internal SSD memory;
  • Support for 8K resolution (native or scaled);
  • 120 frames per second.

On paper, it will be the most powerful console developed so far, with four times the computing capacity of the Xbox One custom-developed processor with AMD, A high-bandwidth GDDR6 RAM and a new generation SSD with “virtual RAM” function which will reduce – almost eliminate – the loading times which often disrupt the rhythm of the game.

Finally, the presence of support for resolution up to 8K (native or usscaling) with 120 frames per second and technology Laser trace will ensure that this console is one of the most powerful ever launched on the market, assimilating it in every way to PC Gaming standards.

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Project Scarlett and cloud gaming

Xbox Scarlett will natively support xCloud Projectone of the projects that Microsoft focuses a lot on or the cloud platform which will allow all gamers to play Xbox games wherever, whenever and however they prefer. To explain: Players will have access to their library of Xbox One games and Xbox Games Pass titles wherever they are, with the ability to stream directly from an Xbox One console to a mobile device.

There are still many unclear points about the xCloud project which will surely be clarified in the coming months.

Project Scarlett will be fully backwards compatible

As announced during the conference Xbox Scarlett will be fully backwards compatible with all titles in the Xbox family. This means that all Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles will be able to be played on the new console while obviously enjoying graphics enhanced by Scarlett's processing power.

Xbox Scarlett price and release date

There Scarlett release date is not yet certain. The only thing we know is the time window or “holiday 2020” which means that Microsoft's new console will be ready to drive the Redmond giant's Christmas sales. It is therefore still missing a year and a half after its release but Microsoft wanted to push the accelerator by also announcing the first title supported by the new console: Halo Infinite, the “workhorse” franchise

Certainly, during E3 2020 the final version will be presented with the possibility of previewing the console. For us Italians, Milan Games Week 2020 will be a good opportunity to decide if this console really corresponds to the “console of Christmas wishes”.

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For what concern Xbox Scarlett Price instead, there is still no official news, especially because the time to play with your cards face up has not yet come. A well-established price for consoles of this genre are the classics 499 euros above which we expect neither Microsoft nor Playstation to climb.

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