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Xbox: here is the controller and headphones of the twentieth anniversary

Xbox: here is the controller and headphones of the twentieth anniversary

Microsoft is preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox with two of new exclusive accessories, namely a controller wireless and a couple of gaming headphoneswhich will be launched on November 15, 2021, marking 20 years since the arrival of Xbox on the market. Pre-orders are already available.

Microsoft: here is the controller and headphones for the twentieth anniversary of Xbox

Let’s start from controllerMicrosoft says its translucent appearance is a nod to the transparent controllers that came with the original Xbox Debug Kits. Naturally there is no lack of green, typical of the brand, on the home button, as well as around the D-pad and rear grips.

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Microsoft colored the various components in silver so that they were easier to see through the outer frame. At the hardware level, however, we are faced with the same model as the one supplied with the S Series and X Series consoles, with Bluetooth support for connecting to mobile devices and PCs. This controller costs $ 69.99 and can be pre-ordered at the Microsoft Store and Amazon.

Connect your 20th Anniversary controller to your Xbox Series X | S and unlock an exclusive dynamic background bursting to life with glowing lines and moving sparks 🌌✨ pic.twitter.com/RnCpzr9rDR

– Xbox (@Xbox) October 7, 2021

Even the Xbox headphones dedicated to the anniversary have received the translucent treatment, but not its large scales as for the controller. The pavilions are transparent, with a green 20th anniversary mark on the left pavilion. There are also bright green accents on the grilles, as well as on the microphone. This special edition headset will cost $ 69.99 always on the Microsoft Store and Amazon.

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In short, we are faced with real collectible celebratory items, which we do not doubt will be able to arouse the interest of the most passionate fans of the Microsoft console. Meanwhile the Game Pass is gaining more and more foothold in the contemporary videogame panorama, making the Redmond giant one of the majors that has been able to better adapt to the modern logic of the videogame market.