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Xbox Elite 2 compatible with NVIDIA Shield TV

Xbox Elite 2 compatible with NVIDIA Shield TV

A new update released by NVIDIA makes the Xbox Elite 2 controller with the Shield TVbut not only that of 2019: even the old models I am now compatible.

Xbox Elite 2 for Shiled TV 2019 and earlier

This compatibility it means that it is now possible use Xbox Elite 2 instead of NVIDIA’s “native” controller.

The updateit also includes the support for the new remote control for Shields prior to 2019, as the 2019 Shield TV is already supported.

This TV remote it was, in fact, launched last year together with the new Shield TV with a new design more comfortable and some additional key to make some actions more practical.

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Other controllers may be supported in the future

This update opens to the possibility that NVIDIA Shield you become compatible with others controller in the future.

Already now, if your controller is equipped with Bluetooth connectivityit should be can connect (which would make the controllers of Xbox Series X And PlayStation 5), but the fact that Shield could make future products compatible, it could mean that i old come away abandoned.

The new NVIDIA Shield remote control is available today

When NVIDIA launched the i new TV modelsthey both had Supplied this new remote control.

But things got a little evolved thanks to new update which made it compatible the remote control also with old models of TV.

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The selling price of the remote control only is of $ 30; available only from the NVIDIA site but, currently, not in stock.

If you try to carry out the purchaseyou can only enter your email to be contacted in case of new availability.

This could be the result of one NVIDIA strategy that he would have liked to see how much interest would have picked up the remote.

Now that the stock has apparently dried up quickly, NVIDIA would have reason to believe that the demand is stronger than you thought at the beginning.