World of Warcraft vs. League of Legends

If he commented yesterday on « the rivalry » of pirate servers and officers of the World of Warcraft. Today I also want to comment on another topic that gives a lot of itself, and that is the rivalry between video games, especially the rivalry between World of Warcraft (Wow)And League of Legends (LOL).

Analysis of the rivalry between video games, League of legends vs World of Warcraft.

This rivalry comes from LOL, since with his departure he begins to take away the followers of the famous game Wow who had the most followers. As fans of these games know well, the Wow is an MMORPG, where you create and characterize a character, of the race you choose, of the faction you want and with the appearance of the body, face, hair, etc. whichever you prefer, where you with this character go out into a world to explore at level 1 and you need to reach level 90, farming and leveling. You will also interact with other characters at the time, exploring a forest, or trading in the city, searching for games for BG or arenas where you will fight against other rivals. Being a most interactive and personalized game, since you can do almost anything there.

Meanwhile the LOL It's a more direct game, where you don't have to create a character, but you choose a predetermined character and directly enter « a group » where your teammates can be your friends or chosen randomly if you go alone, also of your clan. But you go straight into combat, against another group of people in a closed world or space, where you go up to level 1 every time you start each game and purchases are made during the game, the part that the player usually likes the most is that of fighting against rivals.

League of Legends, here is the new champion Yone

This being the big reason why so many gamers Wow they went to LOL or other games of this type, this being my opinion, since the direct game is what people like, but like everything, there is never anything better said, and there are people who also like to interact with the form who provides the Wow, and I am one of them, because being able to explore the world, the farm and the level, is something that I have always loved, and I enjoy it all to go later with my character to be able to fight against other people. But good as they say for color tastes.

And finally, what do you think of this rivalry? and which side are you on, Wow Or LOL?

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