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World League of Legends 2021: here’s how it’s going

World League of Legends 2021: here’s how it’s going

That of 2021 is perhaps the most troubled edition of all time League of Legends World Cup. In addition to the obvious limitations due to the current pandemic situation, the tournament was originally supposed to take place in Chinathen move to Iceland just over a month from the start due to the restrictions recently put in place by the Chinese government. But now that they have started, how is the 2021 League of Legends World Cup going?

How does the World Cup work?

In the past editions of the world championships the title of champion has practically always been played between China and Korea. It is no coincidence that these two nations have emerged as winners of the tournament for 15 out of 20 editions. This year the teams that participated in the competition are twenty-two, who competed in a group format to qualify for the main event.

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In fact, ten of these started from preliminary phase of Play-In, in which the teams initially battled in a group stage, from which the latter is directly eliminated and the former immediately enters the next stage. The remaining teams then play to establish the last two qualifiers at Main Event. The main event in this sense is none other than the classic group stage, with four groups of four for a total of sixteen, plus the four qualified from the Play-In and the twelve already entered.

The teams were not paired at random, but based on an international ranking system. In the first bracket, for example, the winners of the four main competitive regions converged: Damwon Kia for the LCK, EDG for the LPL, Mad Lions for the LEC and PSG Talon for the PCS.

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How is the 2021 League of Legends World Cup going?

As of this writing, the tournament has just passed the group stage to enter the single elimination stage. At this stage the eight remaining teams will compete best of five to make it to the Grand Finals. The teams that have come this far are i Royal Never Give Up, Mad Lions, Edward Gaming, Gen.G., Cloud9, T1, Hanwha Life Esports and DWG Kia.

At this stage the pairings were chosen randomly, with the only rule that no team could be matched with another team they played with in the group stage. European fans may have some thoughts on their mind as i Mad Lions they will have to face the reigning world champions DWG Kia, a decidedly difficult team for the EU boys.

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In any case, the first match of the quarter-finals will take place on October 22and will determine the athletes who will reach the semifinals, which promise more sparkling than ever.

How do you follow the World Cup in Italy?

Following the League of Legends World Championship in Italy is extremely easy. Just go to the new PG Esports Twitch channel, where you can find live all the matches commented entirely in Italian. The quarter-finals will take place from 22 to 25 October, the semi-finals on 30 and 31 and the final on 6 November.