Workspace: Ernesto from TorrentFreak

Ernesto, who withheld his last name to protect his identity, is the creator of TorrentFreak, the world's most famous BitTorrent blog. Anonymity makes perfect sense. Imagine that the management of this blog makes it loved by the users of this P2P network and hated by many companies who intend to eliminate the freedom that currently exists on the network.

The only thing we can read in the description of his blog is that he is in his twenties, currently working as a teaching assistant and a fan of current affairs even though he has absolutely no no training in journalism.

I leave you the characteristics of your desktop where it does the magic in TorrentFreak:

  • 2 Samsung 2443bw monitors
  • MSI MegaBook Laptop
  • PC has Windows XP and Ubuntu (almost always uses Windows)
  • Some of the Cheapest External Hard Drives Available
  • The PC was completely built by him, so it has no specific brand
  • Lots of wires to clean up. These also have no brand 😉

You see, a very simple desktop where one of the most important blogs on the network is updated (most recently with the problems that arise in relation to BitTorrent networks).

Finally, remember that we expect everyone to share their desktop in the Flickr group of ALT1040, ALT Spaces. Not only will the best of them be featured on the blog, but they will also have the chance to win a Golla bag. Come on, come on, don’t be shy 😉

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