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Wondaleaf, the first unisex condom in the world

Wondaleaf, the first unisex condom in the world

The question of contraception has always been particularly delicate, and closely linked to the *** to which it belongs. In fact, there are male and female contraceptives on the market, which always put one of the members of the couple in the position of having to obtain the “right remedy” for safe ***. A habit that, however obvious it may be, also ends up resonating with sexism. A problem to which the Malaysian gynecologist John Tang Ing Ching seems to have found a solution: Wondaleafthe first unisex condom in the world. So let’s find out what it is specifically.

Wondaleaf unisex condom: what is it and how does it work?

From Malaysia comes the product that will revolutionize the world of contraception. Wondaleaf, the unisex condom designed by Tang gynecologist to allow people to preserve their sexual health regardless of gender or orientation. Combining the characteristics of male and female condoms – which are used quite widely despite being little known – this leaves the couple the freedom to choose how to wear it. The contraceptive, in fact, is designed to adapt equally to men and women.

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To make this possible, Wondaleaf was thought of as one sheath with large adhesive flaps, to be used to cover the ***** or to be inserted into the ******. All made with a patented polyurethane-based material, which is usually used in the dressing of wounds or sutures. “It’s a condom with an adhesive cover that attaches to the ****** or *****, as well as covering the adjacent area for extra protection,” Tang specifies. Adding that the adhesive is only applied to one side of the condom, which allows it to be turned inside out and used by both sexes.

What will the Wondaleaf condom really look like?

To make it usable by both sexes, the unisex condom it is not lubricated, which could create some problems for the couple. But the Malaysian gynecologist found a solution to this too. Wondaleaf, in fact, will be sold in combination with a lubricating product. A sensible option, but one that makes everything more difficult in the moment of pleasure. On the other hand, we know well that it must not be so easy to carry out so many practices in a rush of passion. But that doesn’t seem to be the only flaw in Dr. Tang’s condom.

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One of the biggest concerns, in fact, concerns the sticky part of the condom, which must be applied to the genital area. In this regard, the reassurances of the company immediately arrived Twin Catalyst, which has chosen to manufacture the contraceptive in Malaysia. Apparently, for all those who “don’t keep the shaved area, the condom comes with a special adhesive that won’t hurt if you remove it slowly“. Additionally, Wondaleaf “is safe for latex allergy sufferers. It has no rubber smell or taste and is really thin, about 0.03mm ”. In short, just what it took to improve our *** life. Almost.

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From what we read on the Net, in fact, the sticky part of the condom could have bad repercussions on the external stimulation of the clitoris. And this would translate into a substantial reduction in female pleasure. For the moment, however, these are only hypotheses advanced by some users on social networks. And that perhaps they are not to be considered so truthful, especially considering that the Malaysian gynecologist has high expectations for his product. In any case, we will only find out what the advantages of the unisex condom really are when it is released on the market in December. Wondaleaf can thus be physically purchased in Malaysia and online worldwide. And only then could we discuss the real benefits of a unisex condom, emblem of sexual freedom, and more.