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Windows 11: here are all the news of the new Microsoft operating system

Windows 11: here are all the news of the new Microsoft operating system

It will be available starting today Windows 11, the new operating system from Microsoft. From the revamped design to every sound, character and icon, Windows 11 provides a creative space where the user can cultivate his passions in a modern and unique experience. Here are all the news coming with Windows 11.

Windows 11: here are all the news

The first change concerns the Start button which, positioned in the center, allows you to quickly access your favorite content and applications. Plus, thanks to the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365, you can access recent files no matter what device you’re using.

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Another novelty is the introduction of Widgets, a new AI-enabled custom feed that lets you view tailored content directly on your desktop. It will be possible to access your personalized feed with a simple click or swipe from the left to quickly discover news and access the most relevant information, tailored to the user.

Also, with the app Microsoft Teams integrated directly into the taskbar you can instantly connect via text, chat, voice or video with anyone, on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Multitasking has also been simplified to boost productivity and creativity, thanks to the introduction of new ones Snap Layouts, Groups and the ability to set desktop different in Windows 11.

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With the new three-column layouts, it is now possible to display all the necessary content in a perfectly organized space, while the new function Desktops will allow the user to customize their deck with different sets of applications, to maximize productivity.

Microsoft’s new operating system also raises the bar gaming with graphic features with extremely realistic effects. Windows 11 delivers the best PC gaming experience, offering Auto HDR and support for DirectStorage, which reduces load times and makes games more detailed.

For more details, please visit the official Blog Post.