Will the Android Market be able to generate more profits than the App Store?

It's no secret that relations between Apple and Google sometimes deteriorate, which is to be expected after the search engine decided to move fully into the mobile sector with its Android platform, a move quite completely legitimate that Apple didn't like at the time and which started a war that becomes more and more fierce the more it is verified Google's strategies in this area are working.

And they work in every way, whether it's the extension of the operating system itself or the other fundamental element: the Android App Store. To support this last assertion, the latest study published by DISAPPEAR which reveals that the Android Market has also taken off economically.

According to FADE so far this year The Android Market generated profits of 660,000 euros, taking into account only sales of game-type applications to reach the figure.. FADE also comments that they have achieved themselves by selling games on the platform at hand $900,000which is not bad at all.

From all this we can draw several conclusions, although I will retain the one that seems most interesting to me. These figures show that Google's bid to have an open app store and platform workseconomical too. Will there come a day when the Android Market generates more money than the App Store? Well, until recently, many would probably have answered no, but those same people are surely now considering changing the answer. Personally, I see it, at least, viable.

Finally, I leave you with a survey to which the subject lends itself (comments remain open for relevant details):

Chrome Web Store, the next step for extensions


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