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The truth is that the reviews that I have been able to read about Wikia Search I have been quite disappointed, not because of the quality of the product but because of the harsh criticism of software that is in an alpha state.

It is true that the expectations created do not meet by far the current quality of the product, but I think that some are not understanding the natural development that software should have. It is an alpha version, that means it is at a point of 10% or at most 20% of final development, would a software blog have dared to publish such a harsh review on Whistler (the development name of Windows Vista Windows XP when just starting)? I doubt it a lot and who did it was because they did not understand what an alpha means.

Michael Arrington on TechCrunch he says he is tired of seeing unfinished things, but then he does not have the slightest understanding of open software development, as happens with open source or the way that Jimmy Wales built Wikipedia.

Bad and very poor results? but of course, it’s an alpha version! – I have a lot of respect for Wales so much for having been the architect of one of the greatest gifts that the internet has received, Wikipedia, have the strength and the pants to face GoogleEven if you lose the battle, it takes a lot of courage to start the adventure of building a search engine with human elements.