Why not miss Animal Crossing?


  • 1 – We can finally relieve stress
  • 2 – Animal Crossing awakened my kleptomania
  • 3 – You are the undisputed king of your island
  • 4 – Animal Crossing offers us many moments of great collaboration
  • 5 – Animal Crossing shortens distances

Since he debuted, he's been talking about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Who praises it, who reviles it, but everyone talks about it.

You may not have heard of it, but in case you haven't, we do a brief introduction.
As explained in our review, this is a life simulator, relaxing And business suit. There personalization And extreme. We will be able to create the avatar in our image and likeness. Nothing will hold us back except our spirit. We we will have the order, we will be the architects of our game. We will choose how, with whom, how much and when to play. Without constraint.

The cool thing about Animal Crossing it's just being in control. But why should you buy it? We have decided to offer you five valid, if not, very valid reasons to make the Nintendo game your own. Let's find out!

1 – We can finally relieve stress

The first real big reason to play Animal Crossing is definitely relaxing.
We finally found it. Here it is, this game calm, where you don't have to shoot, run and jump everywhere. Where is he it is not the action that dominates. In which we do not have this anxiety of meeting an adversary hiding behind the corner or where we do not have to crouch, quietly, to defeat the enemies who are hiding. Where no monsters will appear to terrify us in the dark. No more controllers thrown in the airenough beaten mouse. Time is over. Goodbye anxiety and welcome relaxation!

No more stamp hunting in Animal Crossing

Because we know, Animal Crossing is that silent game. In short, it is in this title that you are not in a hurry to do things. Still pass the first 24 hours after purchasing it pull out all the weedsreap all the fruits, break all the rockscollect all the branches.
Where you run to accumulate as many miles as possible to go to the islands looking for your favorite villager which we never find in time. But it appears, out there in the campsite, when you have ten inhabitants and no one has the slightest intention of leaving.

Animal Crossing is that game that it doesn't force you to work. Yet you are here, every day fish and sell. FOR catch insects and sell. FOR Picking up seashells And? Sell, obviously! Because you are not attached to the money, but you do not want to leave the mortgage there. No, at least pay off the house.
So, you don't want the second bedroom? Brief, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room and why not, games room? So in less than two days you find yourself with a house that even Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t… e 6 million debts!

2 – Animal Crossing awakened my kleptomania

Animal crossing is this game that allows you to have the most complete customization ever. You can truly be whoever you want. There are thousands of items, for all tastes.
Not only furniture for home and outdoor use, but also clothes, uniforms, fences. The only obstacle is our imagination. We can really accomplish Allwear any dress.

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With a little time and patience it will be possible to have everything. Absolutely everything. And so that then you start to catalog each object. See a post on Facebook: “I have a pool table, I let it be catalogued”. You've never played billiards, you don't even know what color the mat is, if your friends are going to play you don't go out. but stillthat's it, half a second after publication you are there, under this post,  » I want « . But how, think about it, what do you do with it?  » I want « . You catalog it and buy it and the next day it's there, in stock and it will stay there forever.

Animal Crossing is this world where you can be whoever you want. But where you don't always have to have the right look, in short, it's a desert island. Your villagers are animals, can they misjudge your clothes? But that doesn't matter to you. As soon as Ago e Filo opens, you will be thereat the door, ready with stars in hand.

You examine him from afar, in the window, it's him, the dressed as a hot dog. It's horrible, For what Never should Want a hot dog dress? “ I buy“. And so you will think that you have already thrown away your stars enough but no. As you scroll through the clothes, you'll find everything you'd like: 3D paper glasses, the ice cream hat, the sweater your grandfather wore in the 50s, the baby hat, the balloon hat, crown. “ It's 2,280,345 stars“. “I buy them all.”
So it ends you bought all the clothes from Ago e Filo, which you will never wear. However, if someone wanted to throw an American Pie style party, you would definitely be up for it.

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3 – You are the undisputed king of your island

Once you reach three stars, the real milestone begins. The real life of your island. Your full expression of power. Finally, the Terraforming. It's nothing more than a system that allows us to completely reshape the island. Remove unwanted flows, create hills, change all conformation. With the help of Tom Nook, we can also move all buildings to match our idea of ​​the perfect island.

Shovel in hand, helmet on your head and off you go! Ready to build. And it's precisely at that moment that you realize that maybe, if you didn't do architecture, there was a reason. Why do you go out to remove the rivers, the lakes, to build the mountains, and then? And then you find yourself putting the museum on a huge hill that you don't know how to reach. But comes the your brilliant idea, the ramps. You go to Nook, sign the new loan in blood and take the kit.
All proud, he returns to the museum and “there is not enough room to put a ramp”. Your expression changes a little, left eye closes slightly, but you don't give up. Now you have made the loan. You won't let a raccoon win.

So you reopen your application, you create more terrain. There you are, you've done it. Place the ramp and… It is not aligned with the entrance main. You try and try again. Hours and hours and hours. Sleepless nights, only to realize that an even block can never line up with an odd block. So, dissatisfied, move the museum again and lose hope.
But the night brings advice, they say. So, at 3 a.m., you get the great idea. Put two ramps on the sides. Return to Nook and request another ef loanfinally you have your own museum full of waterfalls!

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4 – Animal Crossing offers us many moments of great collaboration

One of the fundamental rules is collaboration. Nintendo assures that Animal Crossing is Perfect to play with the formula “ give and take“. For this reason, you start by adding your best friend. The first days are perfect, you exchange designs, flowers, fruits.
Next come the turnips. The first week your friend has the best price, you buy from him. On Wednesday you have the highest price and he sells them to you.
Time passes and slowly you start to be more unhappy. So you understand that you need more friends. You join a group, try to get into another island and you're fine with it. Sell ​​your turnips for 600 stars, crazy!

Next week it's your turn, your island has the highest price and, generously, offer free entry to everyoneeven if you paid 30 corners and a kidney.
Everyone lines up and asks to get in. Even if you write that you will let in one at a time, they are impatient. Receive a thousand private messages. Think about it, your connection is stable, you can let more than one in, and thus, you open the door to more people.

“No, please don’t run over the flowers. » « Sorry, you were able to get off my island, I'm waiting for people. » “Please find Celeste on the right. Do not run. » “Flowers, guys, be careful!” “The store is on the left.” “A turn for turnips. Please, flowers. » “Use the airport to get out or skip it all”. Console connection was lost.

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5 – Animal Crossing shortens distances

We have want to joke a little, stating the main reasons in an ironic way, but we think it is also worth mentioning something more significant. Often in fact we are not coming back count of potential, but games succeed where so many other things fail. Right now that we are stuck in our homes, we can feel it better. Distance is a difficult wall to cross.
Whether it is an exception, as in this case, or a habit dictated by work, we are often forced to move away from the person we love, from our loved ones, from our friends. Games have always been the way we feel less alone in these circumstances. Animal Crossing is not an exception, in fact it's perfect.

We therefore wanted to dedicate this last point precisely to distance. If reality doesn't allow it, Animal Crossing will still give us a way to take our sweetheart to dinner. To spend the night observe the stars together, make wishes. We can go fishing together, take walks in the woods, observe nature. Spread and picnic on the beachhear the sound of the waves.

We will be able to give many gifts and “experience” many adventures together. If you have a loved oneIf you have something distant friendsthis is just the game for you, to always feel close, even when it's not possible.
Or to understand what a relationship is worth. “Love, please buy Animal Crossing, so even though we're on opposite sides of the world, we can see each other. » So it ends, four weeks later, you have a loan of 6 million starsyou have build a terrace for a romantic dinner, you bought a very expensive ring and she? Well, she stopped playing it three weeks ago.

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By the end of the show, despite our irony, we truly believe that Animal Crossing is worth having. Of course, it's not a game for everyone, many will find it boring, repetitive. Of course, the actions required can be repetitive, but the same goes for everyday shots. However, I myself spend hours and hours there. Nintendo title gives moments Good, exciting. There is a lot of customization and we will be able to create the house of our dreams, even if only by dedicating ourselves a few hours a day.

Piece by piece, without haste, without rules, we will be we the architects of our creation.

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