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Where The Heart Leads is officially available on Ps4

Where The Heart Leads is officially available on Ps4

Where The Heart Leads is a new narrative adventure with surreal traits arriving today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in backward compatibility. The title is officially available and was developed by Amarture Studio, made up of veterans of the triple A industry. The game is currently available for purchase in digital form, while for the physical edition we will have to wait until July 16.

Where The Heart Leads is officially available

In Where The Heart Leads it will be possible to experiment thousands of possible narrative paths as Whit Anderson, who unwittingly takes a step back in time to discover that moments in her life may have changed. Thanks to this mechanic, players will be able to travel through the life of manamid the emotional spasms of adolescence, first love, second chances and the joyful terrors of parenthood.

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It will be possible to completely rewrite the story of Whit’s life, or retrace its steps up to his present. The game offers a 600,000-word script and it will all be in the hands of the user, who with his choices will be able to set Whit’s life on a new path.

As if that weren’t enough, the choices we make will also have direct consequences on Carthagethe small town where the events unfold, complete with a rich and memorable cast and story.

“As we wrote this story, we realized we were sharing bits and pieces of our lives as we explored all the ways Whit’s journey can be told,” he explained. Todd Keller, Director of Armature Studio – Eventually, Where the Heart Leads became a story based more on finding oneself than on finding a home. In writing their story, I hope players feel inspired to reconnect with loved ones: it’s never too late and it’s never been more important. “