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WhatsApp will be compatible with Mac Silicon very soon

WhatsApp will be compatible with Mac Silicon very soon

WhatsApp users on Mac are in luck, and everything seems to indicate that WhatsApp is working on a native desktop version that directly supports Macs with M1 onwards, Mac Silicon. In this way, the app will flow much better when using them on our laptops.

WhatsApp is finally developing an app compatible with Mac Silicon and everything is indicated because the company is facilitating a beta of TestFlight to allow some users to test the new version of the app on their Mac. Until now, running the WhatsApp application on Macs with Silicon chips was only possible thanks to Rosetta 2, the “translator” of applications designed for Intel to Apple processors, which greatly compromised the performance of the application.

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This version of WhatsApp designed exclusively for Apple Silicon, it will improve execution times and not only that, it will also reduce the resources it needs to run on Macs with M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and upcoming M2.

The news about the beta shared with some users has come through WABetaInfo, which mentions that it is only a very early beta where many of the features are not yet fully operational. This new version has a redesign that adopts a style more similar to Macs, with its dedicated sidebar. This bar provides quick access to chats, calls, archived conversations, favorite messages, and settings. The chat also readjusts its design, being more similar to the style that Mac and Apple have on their devices.

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We still have no news when WhatsApp will launch its Mac version, but it seems that the tests have been going on for at least three weeks before giving users access to the beta version through TestFlight. The development is still in process and it is only good news that we see that the rest of the companies are committed to adjusting their applications to the new Apple processors, meaning a clear commitment to these Mx for the future.