WhatsApp will allow you to delete messages from conversations

WhatsApp users will finally see one of the oldest queries that came across the messaging service answered. This means that the deletion of sent messages will finally be possible. Messages sent by mistake to an unknown recipient, those messages that we used to send and regret after a few seconds… can finally be removed from the conversation.

This new implementation was discovered through the advancement of functions in one of the beta versions of WhatsApp, according to the WABetaInfo website. The version in question belongs to the iOS operating system and is, which is already tested on some iPhone devices and, as usual in these cases, the trial version will be found in the official application.

The mechanism of operation is not yet confirmed, but everything seems to indicate that when the user deletes a message from a conversation, in the body of the conversation, instead of the message itself, a text appears suggesting that he There was a message that was deleted. It is one of the functions most requested by users of this email service and it is already used on other platforms, such as GMail, where users can cancel the sending of an email either because it was sent in error, or simply out of personal repentance of the sender.

Until now, deleted messages from WhatsApp conversations were only deleted on the device and not in the conversation itself, so the other person could still see that message. The company, owned by Facebook, has not yet made official the details of this update or when it will be available.

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