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WhatsApp stops working on some smartphones: here are which ones

WhatsApp stops working on some smartphones: here are which ones

Whatsapp stops working on a number of Android smartphones to starting from November 1st. The decision comes because, according to the developers of the messaging app, some devices are too old and outdated for WhatsApp to work properly. The decision involves smartphones with Android 4.0.4 or earlier operating system. In the iPhone world, you need to have at least the iOS 10 operating system (supported from iPhone 5 onwards).

WhatsApp stops working on some smartphones: why?

The decision made by the engineers of WhatsApp concerns a series of smartphones with the rather old operating system. Android 12 is about to come out, while the ones where the messaging app stops working are version 4.0.4. To have a time reference, this operating system came out in 2012even before Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

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In recent years, Android smartphones have changed a lot. Not just in hardware (they have more screen, faster processors). But also in the software, deeply. For this reason, the developers of WhatsApp have decided to impose a limit on how “old” your operating system can be. This allows you to develop secure and stable applications, as well as bring software news to all supported devices.

The new deadline of November 1st is used to eliminate all devices that have an operating system prior to Android 4.1 (codenamed Jelly Bean). If your smartphone has a later operating system, it can receive an SMS and has a SIM card insertedyou can use WhatsApp safely.

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The deadline only affects Android smartphones. But the limits are also there for Apple’s smartphones. If you have a iPhone 5, 6 or 6s, check that you have updated it to at least iOS 10 version (released five years ago). Who has oneprevious smartphone, however, cannot use WhatsApp.

Which smartphones will stop being able to use WhatsApp?

Android is an operating system that those who build smartphones can adapt to their device and then sell it to customers. So they exist many devices of many different brands who can use it. Making a comprehensive list of all smartphones that will no longer be able to use WhatsApp risks being an endless process.

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So we just name a few of the devices that the manufacturers have updated only up to Android 4.0.4who will therefore no longer be able to use the app.

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How to check your operating system

In addition to the named phones, which cannot receive the new update, there are others that may be compatible. But maybe you’ve never upgraded, even if it’s available.

For check the version of your operating system on androidgo to:

If you have a iPhonego to:

We remind you that Android 4.1 and iOS 10 are enough to have WhatsApp.

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How to backup conversations

If your operating system no longer supports WhatsApp, unfortunately there is little you can do. You can only buy a new smartphone if you get the chance, or use a different messaging service. If you decide to buy a new device, make sure you have activated the backup so as not to lose your conversations.

To be safe, before accessing WhatsApp from the new phone, launch WhatsApp on the old smartphone. Tap the three dots at the top of the main screen to access Other Options. At this point go to:

If for safety you want to export the chats, you can click the three dots again, then Other and finally Export chats. Now you can send via email the attachment in .txt of your conversations (even to your own address). There is usually no need for this extra step, the cloud backup is enough. But it can be useful for those who want to be particularly cautious.

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With that, you should know everything you need to know about devices that stop being supported by WhatsApp. If you have any extra doubts, you can ask us in the comments, on Facebook or look at the WhatsApp FAQ on the site.