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WhatsApp free for a limited time

WhatsApp free for a limited time

The instant messaging application between WhatsApp mobile devices is free for a limited time. An interesting war in the field of mobile messaging services has started, Line, Viber and WeChat are fighting for the number of users of their applications.

Until now, WhatsApp was free for platforms such as Android and Blackberry, where it was offered for renewable periods of one year to users, but those who had iOS had to pay to have the application. 0.89 cents “forever”Being able to send as many free messages as they wanted, which is worth it. But possibly the fight between messaging companies has led WhatsApp to change its strategy and offer its application for free.

With the push of other instant messaging apps like Line that has already exceeded 85 million users all over the world and Viber, which has 140 million and the other day announced a total redesign, WeChat, for example, already accumulates 300 million users (although mainly in Asia) and another Asian giant, Gree, prepare your assault on other markets. For all this on WhatsApp they have seen their reign in jeopardy.

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The application is available totally free for iPhone users in the Apple Store, “for a limited time.” It could be thought that it is a promotion on account of the holidays christmas, but the truth is that WhatsApp must be concerned about the Advance from other platforms, not just those mentioned. If you still did not have WhatsApp and you were waiting a free promotion like the ones the company had already done this is your moment. You can download it from the link from the App Store below. Date rush before it ceases to be.

What instant messaging application do you prefer?

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