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WhatsApp Desktop: new beta available

WhatsApp Desktop: new beta available

WhatsApp is significantly accelerating the development of the Desktop client. In fact, in these hours, the development team has released the new version 2.2144.2 of the beta of WhatsApp Desktop. This version introduces a series of innovations that mark a new step forward in the application development program. These innovations will arrive, in the future, also in the stable version of the client.

The news for WhatsApp Desktop with the latest beta

With the new version 2.2144.2 of WhatsApp Desktop Beta, users will have the ability to better manage calls. It should be noted, in fact, that they have been introduced new call controls. Users can now manage incoming call ringtones or completely deactivate the reception of calls via WhatsApp Desktop.

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New to the interface

Furthermore, with the new update, a new interface for contact information page. This page follows the one introduced in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp Android and iOS apps. All the innovations introduced in the beta of WhatsApp will soon also arrive in the stable variant of the desktop client of the messaging service.

For all the details related to the desktop version of the popular messaging app and to download it, please refer to the official site. Further updates for the beta will arrive, however, as early as the next few days. In particular for the desktop client, in fact, the development program proceeds very quickly.