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WhatsApp Beta: news on Ephemeral Messages arrive

WhatsApp Beta: news on Ephemeral Messages arrive

WhatsApp Beta has just received an update that adds yet another novelty to this testing version of the social messaging network. At the moment the beta of WhatsApp is in its own and this time the function added via update is that of ephemeral messageswhich already appeared on iOS devices a few weeks ago and is now finally available on Android, with several additional options.

WhatsApp Beta: news for ephemeral messages

As we said at the beginning, this update for WhatsApp Beta on Android is related to its version The novelty introduced consists, in practice, in two new time options for the ephemeral message timer. As you can see from the screenshot published by users who have already tried this function, it will now be possible to select 24 hours and 90 for the timing after which the message will be removed without leaving traces from the chat.

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You can easily find these new time options for ephemeral messages in the section dedicated to this type of message, which is located in the chat settings. The same options have also been recently activated for users who have joined the WhatsApp beta for iOS, as we have already anticipated.

All these innovations that we have just covered have already been made available for some selected users who have joined the beta on Android. It is not currently clear what is the criterion that WhatsApp has used to discriminate these users among the many who have updated the app to version beta.

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In any case, the update for WhatsApp beta is currently being published for all users subscribed to the Play Store beta channel; if you need it, you can also download the appropriate APK and install it manually via the APK Mirror website.