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WhatsApp Beta is preparing to implement Novi?

WhatsApp Beta is preparing to implement Novi?

WhatsApp Beta has just received an update, which brought the version of the application dedicated to beta testers to issue and added some interesting features, this time concerning the payments in the app that can be made through Novi, a digital wallet that you can use to receive and send money on the fly. The news of the beta version of WhatsApp seems unstoppable: let’s take a look at what Novi is and how it works.

WhatsApp Beta: Novi arrives, the digital wallet

If you already know what Novi is, you probably also know that this platform will launch a small pilot program using USDP, within their standalone app, in two specific countries: the United States and Guatemala. The same information was also published by David Marcus on Twitter, Diem’s ​​co-creator and board member and head of Facebook Financial.

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But back to WhatsApp: gods were found in this update references to the virtual wallet which should arrive on WhatsApp in the future. Not so surprising news: in the past Facebook had already expressed its desire to include Novi in ​​its family of Apps and Services. Since Novi prioritizes user privacy by encrypting all financial data, this model is fully compatible with WhatsApp’s principles: ensuring a new, secure way to exchange money with friends and family instantly.

Unfortunately, at the moment only a simple implementation of the Novi code has been found in the messaging app and it is not possible to use the service.

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In short, the time does not seem ripe yet to be able to use Novi on WhatsApp, but there is no doubt that the company is moving in this direction. In any case, the most recent version of WhatsApp Beta for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, even if at the moment the places to participate in the program are completely sold out.