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WhatsApp already allows you to react with any emoji

WhatsApp already allows you to react with any emoji

WhatsApp for iOS continues to improve its Reactions to messages, and in the new version 2.0 of this functionality It already allows us to add any emoji we want to the messages that they send us.

Before telling you what this novelty is about, for the most impatient, it is always important to point out that all the features that WhatsApp adds to its messaging application are always are gradually unfoldingso if you still can’t use this new “Reactions 2.0” on your iPhone, don’t worry because it will arrive in your messaging application in the next few days without the need for you to do anything, just make sure that you have the application updated to your latest version.

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A few weeks ago, the messaging application owned by Facebook launched “Reactions”, which is nothing more than what we have been able to do for a long time with other applications such as Telegram or Apple Messages and which consists of being able to react to a message that is sent to us. send with an emoji, so you don’t have to respond with a specific message and thus prevent the chat from being filled with “OK” or “Like” messages. To do this we just have to hold down on the message and some Emoji will appear to choose from. That message will be marked with that emoji and the sender will also be notified with that emoji.

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Well now we can also choose any emoji for that reaction. Until now we were only limited to a few, on the other hand the most common, but now you can choose the one you like the most so that we have more options to respond to a message without using words. We continue with the same limitations as before: only one reaction per message; we can eliminate the reactions but not hide them; if the message is deleted your reaction is deleted;