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What should we expect from AliBaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival?

What should we expect from AliBaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival?

The thirteenth edition of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, organized by Alibaba Group, which this year focuses on sustainability this year, is now just a little away.

Alibaba Group: a particularly green Global Shopping Festival

After having committed to making the 6.18 festival green, this year, Alibaba Group promises to make her 11.11 Shopping Festival even greener. And it does so with a series of measures adopted across all business units. Furthermore, the Group introduces numerous incentives to encourage consumers to make purchases more sustainable.

“This year, we are making sustainability the heart of the festival,” he says Christ Tung to the international media, underlining the company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to technological innovations, for each transaction carried out, it will be possible to reduce emissions by up to 30% more than in the 2020 edition.

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In this regard, for the first time, Tmall will dedicate a section to products with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact. Additionally, Alibaba will work with its partners to develop new plastic free packaging solutions.

As of November 1st, more than 60,000 parcel collection points operated by Cainiao Network, will provide waste recycling services. The logistics service will exploit the sorting algorithm developed by Cainiao itself to match the products to the right size of the package, saving up to 15% on packaging waste. In addition, Alibaba will put the spotlight on eco-friendly brands and products. In doing so he will offer 100 million RMB of green-shopping vouchers, to encourage consumers to shop sustainably. Finally, in addition to prioritizing the environment, the Group is working for supporting China’s most disadvantaged communities for an 11.11 Global Shopping Festival even more inclusive.

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“Being green is already a very widespread trend among consumers in China, and the platform can play an important role in promoting this trend,” he said. An Xin, head of Tmall Consumer Marketing. This is demonstrated by the purchases made during the carbon emissions on each transaction made on October 20, in which they were sold more than 20,000 green appliances. This made it possible to save 300 tons of carbon emissions which would otherwise result from the production and use of inefficient devices.

The Goods for Good philanthropic program

During this year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, 1.1 million people are expected to benefit from the philanthropic program Goods for Good by Alibaba Group. The initiative, launched in 2006, allows merchants to pledge a portion of their sales to a charity of their choice. This year, Alibaba will make a donation of 1RMB ($ 0.16) for every purchase shared by buyers via and social media. The proceeds will be used mainly for support the elderly who live alone, children left in remote areas while their parents work in the city, and low-income families living in the developing regions.