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Webidoo opens the first tech experience store in Europe in Milan

Webidoo opens the first tech experience store in Europe in Milan

Webidooan Italian company specializing in the promotion of digital transformation, opens its own first tech experience store in Europe in Milan. Finally there will be a space dedicated to innovation and technology in which try technology products preview. The same products can also be rented or purchased on the Webidoo platform.

The Webidoo store

In the brand new store you can discover the more exclusive news regarding gaming, home design, kitchen, mobility, sound, photography and video, sport & fitness, wellness and health. The experience store is a business model already widespread overseas, a concept that combines innovation, previews and online and offline experience. The store represents a place that is both physical and virtual at the same time, which effectively becomes a promotional hub for innovation.

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Webidoo Store for business

Webidoo Store’s Experience-Based approach isn’t just for consumers. In fact, they will be there spaces dedicated to innovation for companies, especially SMEs. Here, it will be possible to experiment and purchase innovative digital solutions ranging from Digital Marketing services to Fintech. Webidoo aims to support consumers and businesses in the choice of the best technological products and the most advanced digital solutions on the market. Webidoo Store will also host events dedicated to training on digital issues and new technological and social perspectives for consumers and businesses.

A meeting point

In essence, the new store is a space where customers will have the opportunity to touch the latest Hi-Tech innovations first hand. While companies and professionals will be able to discover the most advanced web platforms for web growth. On the other hand, technology brands will have access to a showcase where they can exhibit and make their products known. In short. the Webidoo store looks like a point of intersection between the various stakeholders of the digital world.

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You can visit the Webidoo store in via Vespucci 12, Melchiorre Gioia corner, starting today, November 6th. You will be fascinated and impressed by this new super technological concept store.