We tried the Natal project

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try the one that we saw at E3 last June in Los Angeles, known as Natal Project could be the next revolution in the world of video games. For the few who don't know Nativebasically what it allows you to do is play with your body, no need for additional remote or controller.

How logical, I had already come up with a preformed idea before trying it and the first thing that struck me was how incredibly accurate it is. As we said at the time, not only does it recognize your face to know who and how many are playing, but the slightest movement, like a slight turn of the wrist for example, recognizes it and transfers it to the avatar on the screen.

It also does not recognize a specific part of the body (an arm, a leg or the trunk) but it with the whole bodythe player position is one that moves entirely on the screen, including stepping forward, jumping, stretching or crouching, the freedom it allows is quite large for what you have a relatively large room or you may see limited potential for Native.

The game I tried with is Ricochet, which has already appeared in several demonstrations and which consists of bouncing a series of balls against crates. When you hit them, Native it also detects how hard you hit and how much power you supposedly want to add to the ball, giving it an impressive extra touch of realism and at the same time opening up a whole field of usability and user experience that can give a lot game.

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The only bitter spot left me the little lake that it has in relation to your actual movements. It's important to point out that this is just a small technicality and when playing the game it's not really noticeable. As they say in Gizmología, the main niche that Natal is looking for has all the characteristics of being that of the family, for family-themed games and casual players, a field that has already opened up Nintendo with his Wii and the WiiFit or the WiiSportfor example, and this can benefit a lot in games that require the participation of several people.

Full details will be presented at E3 in Los Angeles in June, like last year. Until then it's time to wait, approximate departure date is Christmas this year and a price that I imagine will not exceed 100-150 dollars.

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