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We reveal the trick to having the most beautiful island in Animal Crossing


We reveal the trick to having the most beautiful island in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the famous five stars. Cross and delight of all fans of this beloved Nintendo video game that debuted on March 20, 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

Haven’t you ever heard of it? It is a life simulator which invites us to carry out small daily actions. Catch fish, pick fruit, grow flowers. All this in order to make our initial desert island a wonderful place.
In this regard it is therefore interesting to understand how to do in order to reach the five stars on Animal Crossing, which is the highest possible rating. The system is therefore somewhat equivalent to that of hotels but with one big difference: here, new features are also unlocked. We remind you that, having reached the three starswe will get the Terraforming (or terraforming) that will allow us to model the island. With this system we will be able to move rivers, build mountains: in short, shape the island to transform it into what we really want.

But let’s not get too lost in chatting. The time has come to figure out how to get the ghost stars for our island.

I want to have a perfect island how do I do it?

If, until recently, getting the five stars on Animal Crossing was “left to guesswork”, now, thanks to the official guide, we discover a real points system. In this way, get the most out of it of the score I will be much more schematic it is comprensible.

All scoring is based on two main aspects: scenario And development. All it takes to get five stars on Animal Crossing is a score of at least 450 on scenery And 655 on development.
So far everything simple, but how can I reach that figure?

The scenario it is in fact the appearance linked to nature. This takes into account trees and flowers. Each tree fully grown will give a score of 1. The maximum threshold will be reached to 190 points, after which we will not get more points. However, be careful not to plant too many: once 220 trees are exceeded, the penalty begins.
Also the flowers they will of course give points. In this case we can accumulate an “infinite” number: not in fact there will be penalties related to excesses.

The second part of the evaluation is related to the infrastructure developmentAnd. To get five stars on Animal Crossing we will therefore need to build bridges and ramps and more!
Of course, the activities they will make their contribution. Eg, Museum And Nook’s workshop, they will give 15 points each. The same goes for the Needle and Thread shop. Also bridges and the ramps they are important, so much so that each of them is worth 15 points. However, remember that these infrastructures have a limit. No more than 8 ramps and 8 bridges can be built. Not bad anyway, for these 16 constructions, in fact, we will have earned 240 points.

How to get the points left? In order to get to the minimum threshold we will have to help ourselves with the objects. All the furnishingswhether it’s those made with patterns or obtained with stars, they will make a contribution. For example, the fences will give 0.2 points one, while the outdoor furniture (or those with a value higher than 2000 stars) will give bonuses.

Perfectly following all the rules, therefore, we will be able to get five stars on Animal Crossing. But let’s go to see the construction scheme even more in detail.

The pattern for the five stars on Animal Crossing

To be clear we have reported the scheme that summarizes all the scores that will be possible to obtain with natural objects and elements.

We pay attention to the negative characteristics

Once they plant the necessary trees and furnished them well, we have to take some shrewdness. Getting five stars on Animal Crossing isn’t easy because there are other details to take into account as well. Especially we will have to be careful about clutter and waste.

In fact, in the event that even one of the following hypotheses occurs, we will lose the perfect evaluation.



Now that you have all the knowledge, you are ready to earn five stars in Animal Crossing. It’s not easy, but we’re sure you can do it.
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