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We can now play Minecraft from our iPhone or iPad with PS4 users


We can now play Minecraft from our iPhone or iPad with PS4 users

Minecraft is one of the longest running titles on the video game market. Throughout the year that we are about to end, it has once again become one of the most popular titles on both Twitch and YouTube. surpassing the almighty Fortnite of Epic Games.

Sony has announced that starting today, December 10, Minecraft for PS4 players will have cross-play at their disposal, that is, they will be able to play with users who have the version of the game on the rest of the platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Sony has been the last platform to allow cross-play in Minecraft, as this feature has been available on both Xbox and PC and mobile devices since 2017. Nintendo’s handheld console received this feature last year. In this way, Minecraft joins the multiplatform that Fortnite also offers us, the only two games that allow us to play with our friends regardless of the device we use.

This update for PS4 users it is completely free and also adds access to the Minecraft Marketplace, the Minecraft store that includes new worlds, skins, video games and much more.

But this is not the last update that the game will receive, as one more will be released tomorrow. this update will add bees to the game, bees available in the Floral Forests, Plains, and Sunflower Plains biomes. The bees will not attack the players at any time, as long as we do not attack them. Bees love the flowers they collect pollen from, so they are very useful in helping players farm.

Minecraft for iOS is priced at 7.99 euros in the App Store. At this price, we have to add the monthly subscription through Microsoft Realms if we want to create our own Minecraft online world for us and 2 or 10 other friends.

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