We analyze the new Macbook, the King of Keynote

We all expected a Keynote full of Apple Watch and its wonderful features and four tweaks to the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro series, but another little laptop is here to stay, the Macbook. This new Apple laptop brought us innumerable new functionalities and capabilities that we cannot ignore and that we are going to tell you in great detail in iPad News.

We will start by describing what it is, of course it is not a Macbook Pro, but it is not a Macbook Air either, it not only surprises us by its extreme thinness, the absence of fans and its latest technology processor with ridiculous consumption, another of its strengths is the weight below the kilogram.


Without a doubt, Apple is filling all its product ranges with color, and we only needed a laptop where color was one of our doubts, as they have come to stay, The new Macbook is presented in three colors, the typical aluminum color that has been accompanying Apple for so long, a soft gold that came with the iPhone 5S range and finally a spacial gray that will delight lovers of dark colors.

However, what may seem like one of the weak points of this new Macbook is that the logo that presides over the lid will lack lightingHowever, the metallic finish of it is once again striking and resistant enough. This has been due to the great effort to reduce its thickness, which ranges from 0.35 to 1.31 centimeters in the thickest part, incredible is the word.

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As far as the hardware combination is concerned, once again Apple leaves us open-mouthed, in the lower photo we can see how the computer itself is ridiculously small and in this way they take advantage of the space to include more batteries, these new Batteries are designed in a special way so that they can adapt to the contours of the Macbook and take advantage of every last millimeter.

Processing and hardware

The big question, what should we expect from CoreM? This processor is designed by Intel for the next generation of powerful Ultrabooks, and although the Macbook does not call itself that, if it is not an ultrabook, what is it? We must bear in mind that the Core M is not a great advance in terms of power, not reaching the capabilities that the Core i5 or Core i7 can offer, however, the thinness, consumption and the absence of fans have been a factor fundamental when choosing this processor and that has ruled out the rest.

Its consumption is excellent, well above its performance, but without a doubt it will not fall short for a conventional user, we also remember that its turbo function will allow it to reach 2.4 Ghz frequencies. However, once again it will depend on the model and the hardware accessories that we choose in the configurator if we need to stretch the power a little more.

The graphic capacity is once again accompanied by the concise Intel HD Graphics 5300. In terms of RAM and storage memory we can select a first up to 8Gb LP-DDR3 and storage a flash memory twice as fast as its predecessor of up to 512Gb.

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The keyboard and Force Touch

The two great novelties of the device, Apple has focused its efforts on taking comfort in its use to the extreme, once again. The new keyboard with butterfly mechanism provides Not only 17% wider and 40% thinner keys, but it provides a stability in writing that will reduce fatigue, the force with which we must press and a great increase in the precision of the same. In addition, now each key will have its own led unit, which will provide infinitely more homogeneous and precise lighting and improves its thinness.

On the other hand the new Force Touch hides under its thin layer of metal a series of sensors that will detect the intensity with which we press, being able to configure different actions depending on it, also in collaboration with the Taptic Engine (a kind of small vibrator) that will emit the sensation of clicking evenly over the entire surface of the trackpad. Thanks to these advances, we can now press anywhere on the trackpad in the same way without the need for more or less pressure.


Good and bad, Apple has insisted that this device mark the before and after in wireless computersIn a world in which wireless technology is well adapted, we could understand it, but it is certainly not a market standard and it could do more harm than good to a large number of customers who, just because of this fact, could be reluctant in their purchase.

USB-C is a new port that will serve from power to HDMI output, but once again we will have to resort to an Apple peripheral to use it. For example, the price of the standard USB-C to USB adapter is around € 20 in the Apple Store. How many of those will we need? Taking into account that for me, for example, the use of the HDMI cable is essential.

The iPad Pro and MacBook Pro with OLED screen for 2022


Apple promises up to 9 hours of autonomy, a fact that should not surprise us (the Macbook Air gives up to 11) if it were not for the very small size of the Macbook. We must bear in mind that the screen has not only become brighter and thinner, but it has also been built in a way that is more efficient (efficiency is the key to this laptop), accompanied by a processor that consumes a ridiculous amount 4.5 volts.


Finally, once again Apple goes to its retina resolutions, with three million pixels in 0.88 millimeters thick, with a size of 12 inches that it will offer 2,304 x 1440 resolutions and 16:10 aspect ratio with an incredible viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees. The new retina display contains a new design of pixels that have a larger aperture size, allowing more light to pass through and thus reducing backlight consumption by 30% without losing brightness.

Prices according to hardware

Although the prices are not popular and will make more than one opt for the Pro or Air range, it is a laptop whose innovations deserve it.

  • MacBook (12 inch): 256 GB, Intel Core M (1.1 GHz), 8 GB RAM, Intel HD 5300, Force Touch trackpad € 1449
  • MacBook (12 inch): 512 GB, Intel Core M (1.2 GHz), 8 GB RAM, Intel HD 5300, Force Touch trackpad € 1799

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