We analyze the daily performance of iOS 10

At this point, you'll almost be tired of us talking to you and praising the performance of iOS 10. You'll want to check it out for yourself, especially if you're not one of those who were encouraged to install the public betas. Therefore, we saw fit to make a video in which you can check in situ the performance of the fifth beta version of this long-awaited operating system. So that you can measure it for yourself, we wanted to use everyday applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Spotify… without artifice or cardboard. Come check with us how iOS 10 works, you won't regret it.

At the start of the video, we ran the typical performance tests. We were able to observe how in this fifth beta the vast majority of bugs have been definitively polished. It is true that we left aside some of the new features, but we wanted to stick to those that have daily use, and what is important, performance, LAG and animations, for this reason we have focused directly on the device. We are normally used to seeing comparisons between iOS 10 and previous versions thanks to the iAppleBytes team, however, what we want is to show the daily life of our iPhone.

In most cases we do not recommend users to install this type of beta version for daily use of the device, but the reality with iOS 10 is that it does not seem incompatible with any of the classic and popular applications . On the other hand there is only one month left for the final release of iOS 10, so you can contain your desire to try. We wanted to be as respectful as possible with the original performance, the video hardly contains any cuts due to it. We hope this has managed to dispel possible doubts about the performance of iOS 10. It seems that Apple has found the key that it has not been able to find since iOS 7. If you liked the video, n Don't forget to subscribe to our new channel, leave us a Like and of course, take the opportunity to comment.

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