We analyze Leef iBridge, your ally to always have space on the iPhone


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Apple has been harshly criticized in recent years to maintain 16 GB of internal storage as base capacity in certain high-end smartphones, sold at a price according to such range. This, in devices that do not support any cards to increase their space, can be a great scourge in the long term for all owners of any of these models.

You may be one of them. One of those people who ends up getting a “storage is almost full” prompt on their iPhone screen. It doesn't matter if your iPhone is 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB, These days we can never say we have “enough space.” Everything takes up more and more and there are more and more things that we can do on our devices, so it is normal that, if we have it at our disposal, we use all the storage that is granted to us.

Leef iBridge

Fortunately, There are always alternatives for those of us who tend to exceed the factory capacity of our iPhone. From the cloud to physical storage platforms, like the one we are dealing with today. As you can see in the video at the top of this article, the Leef iBridge is nothing more than a traditional USB flash drive that has been enhanced and improved to work in perfect harmony with our iPhone.

With its two connectors, it ensures operation without intermediaries between iPhone and computer, manage everything thanks to its dedicated application which will make daily coexistence with the device easy and simple. Thanks to this little companion we can forget about our storage problems, almost instantly freeing up space on the reel of our iPhone or using its included camera application, so that our images and videos never go through the coil.

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There are many benefits and utilities that we can get from a product with these characteristics, although it has been particularly useful for me when traveling. I really like taking photos and videos everywhere I go and I'm not, by far, a freak about cleaning inside the reel, which results in accumulating images and videos in quantities huge. With the iBridge it is much easier not to accumulate waste inside the iPhone, which ends up being appreciated over time. Another point in favor is the integrated player, which will allow us to save our series and films on the device to watch them on our iPhone or iPad without fear of taking too much.

simple and functional

The Leef iBridge delivers what it promises, and it does it very well. If what we want is a flash player for our iPhone with which to manage files, images, videos and be able to display content without taking up space, it is undoubtedly your device. If you want to get your hands on a drive, it is currently available in capacities of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB. The colors to choose from are black and white.