Wave2Wake allows us to lock and unlock the iPhone with the proximity sensor

All iPhone models have a proximity sensor at the top of the screen, sensor that is responsible for turning off the screen when we place the device near our face to answer or make a phone call. But this is not the only function that this sensor offers us if we turn to the jailbreak community.

With the Wave2Wake tweak, a new tweak that has just arrived in Cydia, we can use the proximity sensor to lock and unlock our device without having to use the off/sleep button extend the life of this button since we will hardly use it with this new tweak.

Currently in Cydia we can find the tweak PromityLock, a free tweak that allows us to use the proximity sensor to lock our device, nothing more. However, Wave2Weak allows us to both lock and unlock it, one more feature than PromityLock, a feature that makes it a more useful setting and also gives us additional configuration functions.

As we mentioned, the main function of this tweak is to lock and unlock our device. If our device is found turned off at place your finger on the sensor this will light up and if it is on when you place your finger, the tweak will turn off its screen. For this setting to work, simply press lightly on the proximity sensor or simply tap it.

In the application settings we can activate or deactivate the operation of the tweak as we see fit, activate only one of the two functions (lock or unlock the device), deactivate the tweak when we are below 20% battery , deactivate it if we put the iPhone in Do not disturb or deactivate it if we have no notifications. Wave2Wake is available on the BigBoss repo for $0.99 and is compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9 and it only works with devices with a proximity sensor.

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