watchOS 3 includes a new feature for making emergency calls

The next version of watchOS, as we saw in the presentation keynote on June 13, will offer us important new features such as much faster execution of applications, improving up to 7 times the speed. But it will also bring us more watch faces and apps to quantify the activity of wheelchair users.

But they are not the only ones. Apple has added a new feature to the device's power button that it could save our lives in the event of an accident. Rather, these are two new options. On the one hand, we find a new option that allows us to make emergency calls.

As for emergency calls, our iPhone must have a mobile signal or be connected to a Wi-Fi signal to be able to call the emergency service of the country where you are. But it also allows us to add our contacts in case of emergency. To use watchOS 3 it is necessary to have iOS 10 installed on our device.

Other new functions that watchOS 3 will bring us will be the possibility of access our medical data via the same button with which we can turn off the device. Information that we can also obtain directly from our iPhone. Of course, in the event of an accident, the Apple Watch will always be closer at hand than the iPhone.

To enter medical data, we have to use the iPhone Health app, data that will be automatically shared with the Apple Watch and will remain stored there so that in the event of an emergency it is not necessary to have the iPhone near the Apple Watch. In this app we can enter date of birth, weight, height, blood group and also whether or not we are an organ donor.

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