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Wanup launches Loyalty Center, the platform for hoteliers and partners


Wanup launches Loyalty Center, the platform for hoteliers and partners

Wanup, the first hotel loyalty club which through the sharing economy brings together quality independent hotels and renowned hotel chains, announces the launch of Loyalty Center, an online space dedicated to hoteliers and partners. Loyalty Center joins the incentive program dedicated to hoteliers, The Happiness Generator, which in recent months has generated around 70,000 euros in the form of travel cash for the directors and receptionists of the partner hotels.

The growth of services dedicated to hotel partners reflects that of customers: since its launch in October 2016, Wanup has in fact achieved more than 648,000 users members, and returned 300,000 euros in the form of travel cash to the members of the club and today also lands in France. Loyalty Center is one editorial platform designed for hoteliers and employees of partner hotels, where Wanup publishes industry-relevant content, such as articles on current loyalty trends, market analyzes, studies and industry-wide forecasts.

Loyalty Center will host content with relevance both global and local, and will be available in seven European languages. In addition, the publishing platform will host articles containing best practice which highlight specific trends within the industry, giving hoteliers the opportunity to learn from each other.

The sharing economy model it works because each link in the chain benefits: every time a receptionist registers a new member, he receives € 0.50 in travel cash. Plus, when the new member makes their first booking, the receptionist earns the same. The program also includes a mechanism that offers even more travel cash each time an important goal is achieved. Hotel managers, on the other hand, get 20% of the travel cash that their staff has accumulated every month. The accumulated travel cash can be spent on the holidays of receptionists / managers in other hotels participating in Wanup.

“We believe in sharing economy, and our goal is to foster a strong sense of community among our partner hotels, ”he commented Daniele Di Bella, Chief Commercial Officer of Wanup. – We devote a lot of energy to our hotel club and for this, while the Loyalty Center offers training material written specifically to help our partner hoteliers grow their business, the Happiness Generator program offers concrete benefits to our partners ”.

For Wanup, Italy represents the according to marketo in terms of turnover and facilities, with around 200 affiliated hotels and a significant presence of hotels located in the most exclusive areas of the Bel Paese. The latest hotels to join the new hotel loyalty program include‘Hotel Glance Florence, a modern 4-star design hotel located in the heart of Florence, which features one of the few rooftop swimming pools overlooking the beauties of the city; Duomo Hotel Florence, a 3-star hotel in a classic style that has a large breakfast terrace overlooking one of the most famous squares in the world and offering a view of the Duomo; Miramalfi Hotel Amalfi, a luxurious 4-star hotel located along the Amalfi cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the city and the famous coast from the splendid swimming pool nestled among the rocks; Villa Pitiana – Donnini Florence, a classic 4-star 19th century Tuscan villa nestled in the Tuscan vineyards.