VR League: ESL and Oculus launch third season

ALSthe largest e-sports company in the world, with Oculusthe team VR of Facebook which creates world-class virtual reality hardware and software, recently announced the third season of the VR League. VR League begins its third season with a showmatch at IEM Expo on March 3. The games, on the other hand, will officially begin on March 24 and a prize pool will be made available 250 thousand dollars.

Sean Charles, SPV Global Publisher, ESL Developer Relationshe stated :
“Through our partnership with Oculus, the VR League is helping virtual reality
competitive to expand to new audiences and further increase its impact
in the e-sports sector. The third season is about to kick off with a showmatch that will eventually lead to a
a complete competition built around four titles; we are ready to create new ones
exciting esports experiences for players and fans. “

The opening of the third season of the VR League with showmatch will consist of last season's finalists during Intel Extreme Masters Katowice at the IEM Expo, next to the Spodek Arena. Here, fans will be able to watch the competition on the Ballroom stage, where more details about this new third season will also be revealed.

“2019 will be a huge year for VR gaming with the launch of Oculus Quest and the third and fourth editions of the VR League. This year will be Oculus' biggest investment in esports. We are adding new games, more broadcasts and the prize pool has also increased,” he said. Christopher K. McKelvy, head of esports at Oculus.

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During the two matches last season, Echo Arena from Ready At Dawn and Onward from Downpour Interactivethis new third season will also include Echo Fight by Ready At Dawn Space junkies by Ubisoft. The VR League for this third season will have weekly races in Europe and North America and will end with the Grand Finale, an offline event which will take place at the Haymarket Theater in Leicester, United Kingdom.

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