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Voyager Station is the first hotel in space and will open in 2027

Voyager Station is the first hotel in space and will open in 2027

Thanks to the hard work of companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic And Blue Origin, space tourism is well on its way to becoming a reality. Recently, the Californian Orbital Assembly Corporation announced the arrival of the first hotel in spacethe Voyager Stationwhich will open in 2027. Let’s find out all the details.

Voyager Station, the first hotel in space

There Voyager Space Station (VSS), which will be wide 198 meterswill consist of two rings connected by spokes. The inner circle will be equipped with docking stations for guests. The outer ring will house the roomsi restaurantsi barthe gyms and scientific research laboratories.

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The hotel a solar power it will spin at speeds high enough to create artificial gravity, ensuring the occupants a comfortable stay. When completed, it will have room for up to 400 people. The Orbital Assembly Corporation hopes to attracting not only tourists but also scientists, astronauts on long-distance missions and even some semi-permanent residents.

The idea is interesting and intriguing: however, making VSS a reality will take time. The team is currently building modules for a smaller ring prototype. The modules will be assembled a zero gravity using tools semi-automatic robots made specifically for this purpose. Once completed, the OAC engineers will attempt to create an artificial gravity similar to that of Mars – about 40% of that of the Earth.

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Even if the prototype is successful, transporting the VSS modules into space will cost tens of billions of dollars. However, OAC expects it to charge $ 5 million per person for each stay of Three days, is confident of recovering the incredible cost of production. While the cost may seem excessive, it actually turns out to be economic compared to $ 55 million from the ISS. Plus, guests of the Voyager station will experience the ultimate in luxury.

“You will have the best chefs who will prepare some really, really good food,” said the CEO of Orbital, John Blincow, to the Washington Post. “And when you pay $ 5 million to go somewhere, you won’t get burgers and fries. We want faces like Sting Beyoncé to come to cheer up guests’ evenings. There will be two shows every night. This is part of the entertainment package ”.

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Visitors will also be able to participate in recreational activities that are not possible on Earth: among the ideas proposed there are zero gravity basketball games. Blincow says, “When you blow up you jump five times higher “.

The team is also considering spacewalks to allow visitors to enjoy a clear view of the Land and of space. If all goes according to plan, the company plans to start construction in 2026 and to welcome the first visitors of the VSS in 2027. In the meantime, those who wish to be among the first to leave can reserve their seat through the official website.