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Voices of Shaq and Melissa McCarthy arrive on Amazon Alexa

Voices of Shaq and Melissa McCarthy arrive on Amazon Alexa

If you too are among those who do not particularly appreciate the cold tone of Amazon Alexa’s voice, it is good that you know that now you can finally make her speak with the voice of one of your favorite celebrities. Until now the device has paid homage to the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, one of the most loved actors in the world. And the possibility of having the Pulp Fiction star read the weather report was liked by users to the point of convincing the tech giant to add two more famous items to the Alexa toolkit. So expect to listen Shaquille O’NealNBA champion 4 times, e Melissa McCarthythe actress best known for playing Sookie in the series “A Mom as a Friend”.

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Amazon Alexa: voices of two celebrities now available

Amazon reported that Samuel L. Jackson’s voice, introduced at an introductory price of $ 0.99, has become one of the best-selling digital items since launch. That’s why the company chose to equip Alexa with the voices of two other celebrities, Shaquille O’Neal and Melissa McCarthy, currently available priced at $ 5 each. A cost that may seem high, but which is undoubtedly worth bearing if you want to hear the jokes told by two of the most famous voices in the world of entertainment and sport. And if you’re wondering if it’s really worth it, here’s a small preview video of Amazon Alexa’s new skills.

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If you like the effect, you know what to do. On the other hand, in recent years Alexa has become an impeccable imitator, thanks above all to her neural speech synthesis technology. It is quite evident, therefore, that Artificial Intelligence is facing an unparalleled evolution, acquiring a new original voice option (and more). At this point, it’s clear that the voice of two celebrities of this caliber is just yet another detail that Amazon adds to its smart devices. But it is clear that this is something that the public likes. And as such, it’s fitting that the tech giant choose to embrace it.