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Vodafone offer with smart TV, console and smart camera

Vodafone offer with smart TV, console and smart camera

Vodafone launches a truly comprehensive landline offer, which also includes one smart TVone console it’s a smart camera. Designed for families, the new promotion will be featured on TV by Alessandro Cattellanwhich explains how to keep us united thanks to the speed of Vodafone fiber.

Vodafone: offer for the fixed network with smart TV, console and smart camera

The best of connectivity, all in one bundle. By adhering toFiber offer or to a Family Plan (the offer that combines fixed and mobile) you can also choose to pay in installments the amount of one smart TVone console or one smart camera. The televisions included in the offer are new generation devices, ready for the transition to the new digital terrestrial which will take place from 20 October.

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For the moment, you can join this initiative only through the Vodafone stores, although soon the possibility of purchasing this offer should also arrive online with operator assistance. You will find game consoles starting from the second half of October in Vodafone stores. Also you can choose the V-Home Mini by Vodafone, a simple solution for home monitoring by managing everything with your smartphone.

This new offering allows you to make the most of the speed of the Vodafone fiber. In fact, you can stream movies and TV series on your new TV, as well as play online with your new console. In addition, with the V-Home Mini your home will become a smart home to all intents and purposes.

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You can find more information on this offer by going to the official Vodafone website at this address.