Vodafone is the first to launch the 5G network in Italy


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Vodafone announces, first in Italy, the launch of 5G on a commercial network and light the first 5 cities with technology 5G: Milan and 28 municipalities in the metropolitan area, Rome, Turin, Bologna And Naples. Here's everything you need to know.

Vodafone 5G

Today, in Milan, theCEO by Vodafone Italy, Aldo Bisiohe stated :

5G represents the synthesis and convergence of the most advanced technological solutions – from robotics ForArtificial intelligenceSince Deep learning have Analytic until'Edge Computing – with unprecedented performance, bandwidth capacity and data transfer speed that will go beyond 10 Gbpsability to connect up to 1 million objects per square kilometer and transfer the computing capacity of devices to the cloud over the network.

Speed ​​and reliability

It's a network ultra-reliablewith efficiency 5 times higher to current technologies. It will therefore be able to offer more services immersiveenabling businesses to become more efficient and more competitive and administrations to provide advanced public services.

There 5G Giga Network it's a network unique in Italy, designed by the Vodafone research and development center, which can count on the international know-how of the Vodafone group, on the integration of four centers of excellence in network engineering in Milan, Düsseldorf, London and Madrid.

It offers substantial improvements in the bandwidth capacityin the latencyin the voice qualityin the service stability and – for professional customers – in the personalization of service levels.

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The services offered

There 5G Giga Network offers Vodafone customers new and improved service levels:

  • Real time: to interact in real time with applications, solutions and devices
  • Giga-speed: to browse, download and share multimedia content at the highest definition possible on the Vodafone network with unprecedented network performance speed
  • Everything connected: to connect all devices together, always with the best network performance
  • Power Voice: to call and navigate at the same time, with a clear voice even in noisy environments
  • Agile network: to always have maximum stability for the services you need, even on the move and in the busiest places, and a network that self-configures in real time for customer needs
  • Secure control: to protect data and navigation from any cyber threat.

By July, Vodafone will offer 5G roaming in 4 countries: Germany, Spain, Great Britain and Italy.

5G offers

Vodafone has already confirmed what the first price offers will be, both for private and business customers.

Consumer It will be available from June 16 no additional cost for offers 5G ready already on the market: RED Unlimited Smart, RED Unlimited Black, Shake it easily and for the offer Vodafone One Pro which becomes 5G. For consumer customers who do not have a 5G compatible plan, the option will be available 5G startup at the price of €5 per month (first month free).

Business For customers who from April can benefit from new services to be #AlwaysOnBusiness, June 16 plans will be available Black already enabled for 5G, while plans Red can be activated for 5G at the price of €5 per month.

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Consequently, prices are starting to rise again after the fall following the Iliad effect, but this time they are driven by improved 360° service.

The 5G smartphones with which you can use the new network are:

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G (from June 6 in stores and available for purchase on the website)
  • LG V50 ThinQ 5G (from June 10 in stores and available for purchase on the website)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (in stores by the end of the month, pre-order from Monday June 10)

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